Our Approach

process2 The stages of UX research after order confirmation
  1. Signing NDA by D’Well project team
  2. Project objectives reconfirmation by client
  3. Project scheduling, by project in charge
  4. Kick off meeting with client, by project team
  5. Segmentation and finalising targeted market, by analyst
  6. Preparation of screening questionnaire, by analyst
  7. Screener approval by client
  8. Training to interviewers in each city, by project in charge
  9. Translation of screeners, by interviewer
  10. Online platform for screener entry, by programmer
  11. Screening for recruitment, by interviewer
  12. Back checking the recruitment, quality team
  13. Signing NDA by interviewees, by interviewer
  14. Preparation of guidelines for testing/interviewing, by analyst
  15. Guidelines approval by client
  16. Product distribution to each city, by project in charge
  17. Guideline translation, by interviewer
  18. Interviewing, by interviewer
  19. Audio/video recording, by interviewer
  20. File uploading to database for client viewing, by interviewer
  21. Transcription and translation of interviews, by interviewer
  22. Summary notes, by interviewer
  23. Product collection from each city, by project in charge
  24. Analysis, by analyst
  25. Video editing, by programmer
  26. Report preparation, by analyst
  27. Draft report approval by client
  28. Present final report to client, by project in charge
  29. Final report approval by client
  30. Documentation