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About us


About Dowell

DoWell is providing exclusive user experience research information from the field to support user-centered product design of medium and large companies globally.
DoWell assures reliable information, local knowledge about market, responsiveness and empathy to clients through its highly motivated team of employees and freelancers across the globe.

What We Do

We are based in Frankfurt and have field teams in Asia, Africa, Europe, US and UK. Our services will help you to target specific markets and reduce your infrastructure cost to gather information from these markets

Who We Are

D’Well specialised in User Experience research studies using Co-creation workshops, Cognitive walkthroughs, Depth interviews, Ethnographic studies, focus group discussions, shop along, customer journeys and storytelling.

Our Values

Ability to perform promised services dependably and accurately Willingness to help and provide prompt services Employee’s knowledge, courtesy and ability to inspire trust and confidence. Caring, individualized attention given to customers Advanced facilities, professional equipment, supporting personnel and written guidelines.

Our mission

Optimise “User-centered Design” of products and services by analysing “Needs & Haves” of targeted customers of our clients. D’Well assure Reliable information, Local knowledge about market, Responsiveness and Empathy to clients through its highly motivated team of employees and freelancers across Asia and Africa.

Our Vision

To be the global market intelligence center for innovation



Our area of Expertise

Open Innovation

Co-creation with targeted users to support user-centered product/service design and feedback

User experience research

Solutions to specific user-centered design problems of a company in a targeted segment

Innovation measurement

Measuring incremental innovation of your product/service from the field in each stage gate of user centered design thinking and lean innovation.

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